Simla HouseTNo. 85 Amherst Street, now 85A, Raja Rammohun Sarani, a three storeyed structure illustrative of the colonial style architecture of the 19th century, is said to have been the residence of the family of Raja Rammohun Roy. His two sons Radhaprasad and Ramaprasad lived there with their families.

The building was known as the Simla House. The name "Simla House" may have originated because the area was called "Simla". This house was supposedly designed by one W. Wood and is structured completely in the colonial Georgian style. It is gathered from the various writings that this property was purchased by Rammohun from one Francis Mendes for Rs. 13,000/- probably in the year 1815.

It was in this house that Rammohun Roy for a while held weekly meetings of the Atmiya Sabha, the precursor to the Brahmo Samaj.

At the time of the departure for England in 1830 Rammohun Roy disposed of all his properties in Calcutta other than the Simla House to meet the expenses of his journey abroad. The house then continued to be in the possession of the descendants till the 1960s when it passed into the hands of miscreants and encroachers.

In the year 1972, on the occasion of the bi-centenary birth anniversary celebration of Rammohun Roy, the Rammohun College initiated a move to acquire the building with its adjoining lands measuring 76 cottahs.

The Simla House remained in the hands of Rammohun's successors till 1960's. Afterwards it gradually passed into the hands of unauthorised occupiers, and had been subjected to undesirable vandalism.

Rammohun College took the initiative to rescue the house from its wretched plight and with active assistance of the State and Central Government acquired it in 1986.
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