CD Inauguration of the songs of Rammohun by Governor of West Bengal

His Excellency the Governor of West Bengal - Shri Gopal Krishna Gandhi inaugurated the CD of 8 Brahmosangeet penned by Rammohun Roy, sung by various artists at a function at the Museum on 14th September 2009.

Speaking at the occassion- the Governor remarked that this CD was of great historic value and played glowing tributes to Rammohun.

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Visiting of the museum by Dr. Sugata Bose, MP & Prof. of History, Harvard University

Speech by Dr. Sugata Bose on the "Rammohun O Banglar Nabojagoran".

Dr. Sugata Bose with the members of the Rammohun Memorial Museum Committee

Garlanding of the portrait of Raja Rammohun by Smt. Uma Dasgupta

Speech by Dr. Uma Dasgupta on the "Visva Bharati - A World in One Nest".

Songs of Rammohun by members of Basanta Manjari

Garlanding of the portrait of Raja Rammohun by the eminent sculptor Sri Niranjan Pradhan

Prof. Parthasarathi Majumder, Department of Physics Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University,speaking on " Black Hole Mystery".

Vedic Texts and Hymn by Dr. Madhushree Ghosh of the Brahmo Samaj

Garlanding of the portrait of Raja Rammohun by Prof Goutam Neogi

Visiting of the museum by Sri Sadhan Pande, MLA

Dr. Saswati Sanyal, jt. Secretary of the Museum speaking on the occassion
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